Be aware around still waters!

Surges of water into our rivers and sudden flash flooding present a constant danger!

Keep your family, tent, picnic and barbecue a significant distance away from the rivers.

  • Do not play or park in the area close to the river bed
  • Do not undertake any activity near to the rivers
  • In the event of an accident, call 144

The river can change suddenly, even in good weather because

  • A water inlet point can be closed or opened and water can rush into the river
  • A lake can overflow during an unscheduled halting of the central pumping station or the turbine which supplies it

In the event of rainfall

  • A surge in water inflow can be triggered and the flow of the river can swell suddenly and without warning
  • Dykes can give way, leading to a sudden increase in water volume in the river

Following rainfall

A swollen basin or water inlet point can automatically empty and trigger a sudden flood. The water suddenly swells and carries away everything in its path, like an avalanche.

In case of flash flooding, the flow of the river can swell suddenly and unexpectedly!



Flash flooding

Flash floods are related to technical requirements and natural phenomena concerning the hydroelectric installations. They occur

  • Even in good weather
  • At any time of day or night
  • Without warning
  • Several kilometres downstream of the installations (water inlet points, dams)
  • Even in dry streams

The operators of the hydroelectric installations do not accept any responsibility in the event of an accident.